A device that combines the features of a smartphone and a tablet computer. [Phone + tablet.]
Example Citations:
This phone-tablet hybrid ("phablet"?) is meant to cater to those who want a bit of functionality from both camps. On one hand, you can make phone calls and access email, yet its supersized screen means you don't need to squint to read e-books, watch video, play games or browse the web.
—Marc Saltzman, " Samsung Galaxy Note: Half smartphone, half tablet, all awesome (watch out iPhone, BlackBerry):," Toronto Star, February 3, 2012
Samsung's Galaxy Note is coming to the U.S. on AT&T on February 19, and the "phablet"—that's part phone, part tablet—has already sold more than a million units worldwide.
—Sascha Segan, " Enter the Phablet: A History of Phone-Tablet Hybrids:," February 13, 2012
Earliest Citation:
Is it a phone? Is it a tablet?, it's a phablet.
—" Dell's Streak phablet: horses for courses:," TelecomTV, June 1, 2010
Not a fan of this rather homely and obscure blend? Not to worry. The synonym tabletphone, while still lacking a certain euphony, is at least comprehensible and has become quite common:
The system uses the iPad's built-in speaker and mic to create what could be the most ridiculous talking experience you've ever seen.
—Daniel Spelzmann, " Truphone for iPad Turns Your Tablet Into a TabletPhone," Open Salon, April 5, 2010
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